Teaching Well

Teachers are the biggest source of inspiration for the students. Future of the nation is in the hands of our teachers. Unfortunately, not enough is done to provide teachers the requisite tools to make them even better educators.

Ascentis realizing this gap has embarked upon this initiative of providing an online learning platform to the teachers where they can access topics of their interest anytime and from anywhere. www.TeachingWell.pk is a result of this thought and effort.

This is beginning of a long and arduous journey, but we are determined to do our bit in taking the educational standards of Pakistan several notches up.

We also encourage the teaching fraternity to send us their own training videos to be shared at Teaching Well website. You are requested to send your videos to info@teachingwell.pk. we will review and if it meets the standard will upload it with due credit to the presenter.

Let’s begin our learning journey by clicking www.teachingwell.pk.