LearningWell Books

LearningWell is the textbook imprint of Ascentis Global. LearningWell books are current, concise, curriculum compliant, and according to the cognitive abilities of the students. The contents and illustrations are non-discriminatory and actively discourages biases against race, gender, skin, color, sect or religion.

LearningWell books inculcate positive values and attitudes with a very sharp focus on ethics and character building. These books are fast paced, wide ranging and insightful.

LearningWell Online

Online product is called NetExtra and can be reached by www.netextra.pk or www.learningwell.pk NetExtra aims to take every Pakistani school to digital age. NetExtra provides online learning tools for students like video lectures and animations.

Assessment Suite:

NetExtra has a comprehensive assessment suite with a question database allowing students to test themselves. Teachers can also schedule tests, ca provide their own questions or use questions from the database. Results can instantly be shared with students and reports can be sent to their dashboards for the parents to view.

Administrative Suite:

NetExtra administrative suite provides school management tools. It also provides teaching planners and teacher guides. Soon to be added are teachers training videos.