Welcome to Ascentis Global !

Ascentis Global stands for empowering every individual of the nation through education and technology. Ascentis Global is a knowledge house where we develop software, IT based educational tools and also the traditional textbooks.

Ascentis Technologies is our software arm. At Ascentis Technologies we are busy in creating customized solutions for our clients. Innovative products are being developed to create value for your businesses. Providing bespoke software for the needs specific to a business who cannot find an affordable off the shelf solution.

LearningWell is our textbooks imprint/brand. “Well” in LearningWell is used both as a noun and an adverb. By noun it means a source of learning and as an adverb it denotes doing the learning in a really good manner.

NetExtra is meant to provide the extra learning space in cyber which traditional books are not able to. It provides a learning experience blended with traditional textbooks, educative videos, and online student assessment system. An effective way of tackling rote learning, NetExtra is there to promote enhanced learning pace and can be accessed from tablets and phones as well.